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July 8, 2020


Fragrance Free Environment - Policy 

“All staff, patients, and visitors shall:  Refrain from wearing cologne, perfume, scented personal care products such as body lotions, sprays, and powders, scented deodorant and hair care products, and aftershave lotions; avoid bringing in scented flowers.  Scented plants will be removed from the property. Refrain from bringing scented air fresheners or personal scented hand lotions from home."

Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017

Smoke Free Ontario Act 2018



Premier Wynne announces Local Health Hub in Manitouwadge.

Please Click Here for a PDF copy of the press release regarding the recent announcement  from Premier Wynne on recent news involving Manitouwadge.                                                                                                                         



Patient Safety Checklist

  • Did you know that the main way germs can spread is by hand?
  • Keeping hands clean is the best thing you and your health care team can do to prevent infections from spreading to others.
  • Clean your hands before and after eating, using the washroom, after sneezing or coughing, etc.
  • Visitors who do not feel well should not come to see you.
  • Don’t be shy about telling visitors to stay home if they are ill.


Keep your environment safe

  • Keep your floor clutter-free.
  • Be aware of the phone extension cords.
  • Keep your water, phone, tissue, etc. within reach.
  • Have your call bell within reach.
  • Keep your bed in low positions; do not raise your bed high off the floor.
  • Use non-skid footwear or slippers.
  • Have all electrical items approved before using. Notify nursing of items.



  • Use a nightlight (above bed, ask for assistance if required)
  • Keep a light on in the bathroom.
  • Keep one side rail up to assist in turning or sitting.
  • If  your conditions warrants, ask for assistance when getting up


  • If using an assistive device, always bring to hospital and use during your stay. If you do not have your assistive device with you, let staff know and she/he will inform Physiotherapy of your need.


  • Use handrails at all times.
  • When taking a shower or bath, place or have staff place, a towel on the floor to catch any water as you step out.
  • Ask for assistance if at all worried about slipping, due to your condition, or if you have a history of falls.


  • Do not keep medications at bedside, return with family or give to your nurse; they will be secured in the Hospital Pharmacy until your discharge.
  • At discharge, ask your nurse to review any medication changes with you.

Remember you have the right to be informed and to ask questions.

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