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July 7, 2020


Fragrance Free Environment - Policy 

“All staff, patients, and visitors shall:  Refrain from wearing cologne, perfume, scented personal care products such as body lotions, sprays, and powders, scented deodorant and hair care products, and aftershave lotions; avoid bringing in scented flowers.  Scented plants will be removed from the property. Refrain from bringing scented air fresheners or personal scented hand lotions from home."

Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017

Smoke Free Ontario Act 2018



Premier Wynne announces Local Health Hub in Manitouwadge.

Please Click Here for a PDF copy of the press release regarding the recent announcement  from Premier Wynne on recent news involving Manitouwadge.                                                                                                                         




Accessibility Plan

Santé Manitouwadge Health is committed to treating people with disabilities with dignity which allows them to maintain their independence and have appropriate access to health care services. Santé Manitouwadge Health believes in equal opportunity and is committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities by preventing, removing and meeting accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. 

AODA Plan 2018-2021

Accessible Parking
  • Wheelchair accessible parking spaces are available near the main entrance to the hospital and primary care entrance.
Accessible Washrooms

  • Washrooms located in the patient rooms, emergency department, laboratory, diagnostic imaging and outpatient waiting room are accessible
  • All public washrooms are accessible
  • Available in all main hallways
Service Animals
  • Persons with disabilities many enter the premises accompanied by their service animal and keep that animal with them in areas/premises that are open to the public, unless the animal is otherwise excluded by legislation. For examples, please see SMH policy on service animals
  • Available at the Main Entrance, Emergency Department and Primary Care Entrance
Fire Alarm System
  • Our fire alarm system incorporates an audible tone with flashing strobe lights.
  • Televisions in patient rooms come with adjustable volume control and closed captioning
Community Feedback

Santé Manitouwadge Health would like the community to help us improve accessibility by sharing your questions, concerns or comments about the way we are providing care and service in an accessible manner.
Feedback will be handled in accordance with our Patient Concerns

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Putting people first: A new framework for protecting the rights of persons with disabilities

Policies and Procedures

Policy IV-252 Accessibility AODA - Communicating with a Person with a Disability
Policy IV-253 Accessibility AODA - Customer Service Standard Policy
Policy IV-256 Accessibility AODA- Emergency Response Planning For Employees With Disabilities
Policy IV-257 Accessibility AODA - Notice of Disruption of Services
Policy IV-259 Accessibility AODA - Patient Owned Electrical Equipment for In hospital Use
Policy IV-260 Accessibility AODA Providing Notice of Availability of Accessible Documents
Policy IV-261 Accessibility AODA Planning
Policy IV-262 Accessibility AODA Staff Training
Policy IV-264 Accessibility AODA Service Animals

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