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How To Register For The Covid-19 Vaccine

 As of July 9, 2021, 2021
  • 1290 People Have Received 1 Dose
  • 1061 People Have Received 2 Doses

 Regional Vaccine Leaderboard – July 16, 2021

Which community in the region will take the lead in COVID-19 vaccination rates?

vaccination leaderboard 

Help Manitouwadge stay on top for most immunized (second dose) by booking an appointment for your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine today! Call 826-3251 for an appointment.
As of July 19th, 80.1% of Ontarians aged 12+ have at least one dose of a vaccine and 60.8% have received their second. Although Ontario is doing really well with the rate of vaccination, health officials would like to see these numbers rise even more.
Here’s why:
Widespread vaccination is a key aspect of Ontario’s reopening plan. In fact, the province has stated that public health measures, such as wearing masks and gathering limits, will not be lifted until 80% of the 12+ population has received one dose and 75% has received both doses of the vaccine.
The vaccines work – they help prevent serious illness from COVID-19, hospitalization and death. Recent data shows that 83% of COVID-19 cases reported between May 15 and June 12 were among unvaccinated people, 15% were partially vaccinated and just over 1% were fully vaccinated.
Experts are worried about the possible impact of the more transmissible delta and lambda variants of concern that are causing many changes in other countries. Our best defense against the variants, especially as the fall approaches, will be to have as many eligible individuals immunized as possible.
If you want to get your COVID-19 vaccine, seek an appointment now. If you are undecided, consider speaking to your healthcare provider to have your questions answered and to ensure you are making an informed decision. Your choice will be respected.

Last Mass Immunization Clinic Scheduled for July 22nd, 2021

Our list of consents on file waiting for a first dose has now dwindled to just a few individuals. The final large clinic at the rec centre is scheduled for July 22nd, for about 200 residents with the majority getting their second dose. A few small clinics for second doses will be planned, but no new large first dose clinics are being scheduled. It is not known at this time how future Covid 19 vaccines will be distributed; i.e. pharmacies or primary care clinics or both.
If you want your first vaccine, submit your consent form and we will keep you informed of how and when you may be able to get vaccinated.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all who have stepped up to immunize our community, all of the incredible SMH staff who attended or supported the vaccination team, the myRide staff who assisted in booking appointments and moved people to appointments, the Volunteer Firefighters who managed access, the Township staff who facilitated building access and set up and the Pharmacy team who provided additional vaccine doses. This is a great example of how Manitouwadge residents support one another in time of need. Thank you all.

- Jocelyn Bourgoin