Welcome Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance


At Santé Manitouwadge Health, we believe that our patients and their families are partners in the delivery of quality patient care.

As a patient at SMH, you have the right to:

  • be treated in a compassionate, kind, courteous and respectful manner;
  • receive care in a manner that recognizes individual dignity and privacy and promotes individual autonomy;
  • be fully informed about one’s medical condition;
  • receive care focused on ethical and evidence based practices for continuous improvement;
  • be cared for in an environment with practices that places your safety as the first priority;
  • give or refuse consent to the provision of health care services;
  • be given information in a way you will understand;
  • all information necessary to make fully informed health care choices, including information about who will provide particular services and their qualifications;
  • receive information about choices that promote good health as well as about measures that prevent illness and accident;
  • receive care without discrimination;
  • receive timely care from skilled health care providers;
  • expect that all information about your care will be kept private according to the law;
  • be able to get information from your health record according to the law;
  • express your concerns and get answers to your questions in a timely manner;
  • know the names and roles of people involved in your care;
  • receive care without mental, physical, sexual or financial abuse;
  • participate in any assessment of personal care requirements and in the development of plans for care;
  • make complaints, raise concerns, and recommend changes without fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal;
  • be informed of the laws, rules and policies affecting providers of health care services;
  • know if clinical students may be helping in your care, under supervision, and that you have the right to refuse if you do not wish to have students participate in your care; and
  • know if your care may be involved in research and that at all times you will be asked for consent and have the right to refuse without your care being affected.

As your care providers at Santé Manitouwadge Health, we expect that you:

  • participate in decisions about your care and discharge from the hospital;
  • accept responsibility for the decisions you make about your treatment;
  • be polite and respect other patients, visitors and members of the health care team;
  • alert care providers of any situation you feel is unsafe or may result in harm;
  • respect hospital policies and property;
  • give accurate information to your care team and let them know if you cannot follow the care instructions;
  • ask questions and tell your care team if you do not understand;
  • give your health care team the name of the person who will represent you in the event that you cannot make decisions for yourself;
  • take care of your personal things and send home anything that is not needed; and
  • understand and be responsible for all fees not covered by OHIP or private insurance during your hospital stay.